Comprehensive Quality Training Session 2023

In November and December 2023, Target Agriculture Thailand and Target Agriculture Vietnam conducted an intensive training session for staff and managers from various departments. The training focused on key aspects of supply chain management, hazard identification, and risk mitigation, with the goal of strengthening the company's commitment to delivering the highest quality organic cashew and fruits to customers worldwide.

Training Section in Vietnam - December 2023

During the training, several crucial themes and topics related to Target Agriculture's operations and customer satisfaction were discussed under the guidance of Dr. Norbert Kolb - Head of Quality Management Target Group. These included:
1. Supply Chain, Hazards, and Risks
2. Customer Demands
3. Suppliers – Farmers, Processors, Transporters
4. Group Certification of Suppliers
5. Food Law Topics
6. Organic Regulation (EU) 2018/848 – Topics
7. Packaging Materials
8. Monitoring and Quality Checks
9. Validation, Verification, and Monitoring
10. Labelling and Declaration

The training session provided insights into the complexities of identifying and mitigating risks throughout the supply chain. Participants gained a thorough understanding of the hazards associated with raw materials, pre-processed products, and various stages of processing and packaging. Practical strategies were shared to avoid hazards and reduce associated risks, demonstrating Target Agriculture's unwavering commitment to product integrity.

Customer demands and satisfaction were also emphasized during the training. Participants learned effective customer communication and complaint management techniques. Stringent quality checks, adherence to specifications, and meticulous attention to packaging and labeling were highlighted as crucial factors in meeting customer expectations. This customer-centric approach showcased Target Agriculture's commitment to continuous improvement.

Training Section in ThaiLand - November 2023

The training further emphasized the evaluation and qualification of suppliers. Thorough supplier audits were discussed, emphasizing the importance of subsequent actions and measurements. Group certification of suppliers was also highlighted, showcasing Target Agriculture's dedication to fostering strong and compliant relationships throughout its supply chain network.

A comprehensive review of food laws and organic regulations was a pivotal aspect of the training. Participants were updated on the latest industry regulations, including organic certification standards and contaminant regulations. Discussions also covered the presence of toxins and substances in food products. This knowledge ensured that Target Agriculture remains at the forefront of compliance and safety in the organic produce industry.

“Overall, the quality management course by Dr. Kolb has broadened our understanding of these essential topics. It has equipped us with valuable knowledge and practical strategies to enhance quality management practices in the food industry. We are confident that the insights gained from this course will positively impact our professional endeavors in ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety.”, Mr. Nhan – Vietnam Quality Manager shared.

Target Agriculture's training session served as a comprehensive platform to enhance the knowledge and skills of its employees in critical areas such as risk management, compliance with regulations, and meeting customer demands. By investing in such training initiatives, Target Agriculture reaffirms its commitment to delivering high-quality organic cashew and fruits to its customers worldwide.