From an inspired dream to a successful reality

Founded in the early 1994, Target Agriculture is the brainchild of our founder, Dr. Thomas Gerbracht. Having visited Sri Lanka as a tourist, he saw the immense potential of this island nation, and decided to start an operation to work closely with rural farming communities and export organic produce to foreign markets. This dream, which initially started as a family project, has now expanded to four countries across Asia, exporting the goodness of nature, to Europe, America, Asia, and Australia, and impacting the lives of many.

The company is engaged in value addition to fruits in 3 categories which are dehydrated fruits, fruit juices/pulps/purees and IQF Fruits. Later, Target expanded and included 3 other countries which are Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. From its humble origins as a family project in Sri Lanka, Target has grown to provide more than 200 certified organic products, from organic farms all over Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia to customers in Europe, America, Asia, and Australia.

We are committed to supporting the development of the rural agricultural industry and the rural economies of the countries we operate in. Ensuring all our activities are certified by internationally recognised organisations is a key priority for our business.


Supplying healthier organic food products in a better cooperation with customers and suppliers.


To consistently educate, encourage and empower rural farming communities to supply high quality organic produce, and connect them to discerning customers around the world

Our Story

  • 1994

    Target Agriculture (Pvt) Ltd. begins in Sri Lanka

  • 1995

    Receives certification from EU Organic

  • 1997

    New processing plant is commissioned

  • 1998

    Cenedra Pvt Ltd. is established for export of Organic coconut products from Sri Lanka

  • 2009

    Target Agriculture Co. Ltd. is established as an Organic exporter/trader in Thailand

  • 2010

    Bio Suisse Organic certification is obtained for Sri Lanka

  • 2011

    Target Agriculture Vietnam is established

  • 2012

    Sri Lanka receives the Fair Trade certification

  • 2016

    Target Agriculture Indonesia is established (Vietnam Target Agriculture Representative Office Indonesia)

  • 2017

    First Organic shipment leaves Indonesia (under Target Agriculture Sri Lanka)

  • 2017

    Vietnam’s first Organic cashew factory is commissioned

  • 2018

    Thailand’s first plantation unit to produce organic fruit juice and frozen Fruit in glass jars is established

  • 2019

    Ranked among the top three Organic produce Exporters from Thailand

  • 2020

    Sri Lanka receives Naturland Organic certification

  • 2020

    Vietnam’s second Organic Cashew factory is commissioned

  • 2021

    Indonesia obtains EU Organic certification

  • 2021

    First Organic shipment is made directly under Target Agriculture Indonesia

  • 2022

    Indonesia receives Naturland Organic certification

  • 2022

    PT. Target Agrikultur Indonesia is established

  • 2022

    Vietnam’s total Exports reach 300 containers per year

  • 2022

    Tahoma Coconut Products (Pvt) Ltd. Is established in Sri Lanka

Our Certifications

Since the inception of Target Agriculture, we have followed strict guidelines in maintaining the integrity of our brand and the organic promise we offer our customers. Accordingly, we have received numerous certifications from internationally accepted organisations that serve to reinforce the principles we stand for.

About our founder

The visionary Leader

Over 28 years ago, successful German entrepreneur, Dr. Thomas Gerbracht visited Sri Lanka as a tourist, and didn’t just fall in love with the country, but also had the vision to see the potential this country held. Deciding to pursue his dream, he sold his business interests in Germany and began cultivating organically grown fruits and coconuts on a small plantation in the south of Sri Lanka.

What began as a single man’s vision has now grown into a multinational organic food business that spans four countries across Asia, employing over 500 people and helping thousands of rural farmers to export their organic produce to markets across America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Our Team

Meet the Target Agriculture team

Mr. D.M.D.L. Saranga
Fruits and Spices
Sri Lanka
Ms.Sumudu Dias
Desiccated Coconut
Sri Lanka
Ms.Dang Gerbracht
Cashew Products
Ms.Putri Apriliana
Coconut Sugar and Nectar
Ms.Wachiraphorn Aphiromyanond
Mr.Le Trung Hieu
Value Added Cashew