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Sustainable Agriculture Practices for a Better World

We work with rural farming communities across the Asian region to promote organic and sustainable farming practices. These practices have been developed through extensive research and development, leading to us becoming one of the foremost exporters of organic coconut, fruit and cashew products to Europe, America, Asia and Australia.

Our Product Portfolio

The Best of Nature

Our product portfolio comprises carefully curated agricultural products that are grown organically, purchased under Fair Trade policies, and processed in adherence to stringent quality standards in technologically superior facilities around Asia.

Certified Excellence

As a pioneering organic and fair trade certified business, our entire range of products are certified by globally recognized organisations across Europe, America, Asia and Australia, making them easily marketable to the most discerning of customers.
A Network of Sustainable Goodness

Our Regional Presence

What initially began as a small-scale operation of exporting organic produce has now grown to connect four countries in a network of tropical goodness, taking advantage of the unique geographical strengths of each country.

Our manufacturing process

Packaging Nature’s Goodness

Our state-of-the-art advanced processing and packaging plants around the Asian region conform to the highest standards in food safety, and are geared to ensure that you receive the very best of nature.

Nurturing growers
Empowering rural farmer communities
Sustainable farming practices
Lasting partnerships
Our origin story

Turning a Dream into Reality

When Dr. Thomas A. Gerbracht first set eyes on Sri Lanka, a dream was born, and today that dream has evolved into a regional powerhouse in the organic agriculture industry.

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