Our third step in Asia

A land of staggering natural beauty and cultural complexities, of dynamic megacities and hill-tribe villages, Vietnam is both exotic and compelling, and home to some of the most fertile farmlands in the South East Asian peninsula. With a rich agricultural heritage that forms the backbone of the rural communities, and farming techniques that trace back through generations, Vietnam is the ideal location for Target Agriculture to further our organic and sustainable farming culture.

Sourcing and Processing

With the aim of producing and exporting high quality, organic products that are grown in a sustainable manner, Target Agriculture in Vietnam has built a close rapport with rural farming communities in order to introduce, educate, and develop modern organic farming methods.

Community engagement activities

Engaging directly with the farmers and their communities not only helps us understand their needs, but also helps us to map out effective CSR strategies that will impact them in a beneficial manner and improve their standard of life.

Sustainable Education
Rewarding students performance
Dong Nai commune still faces economic hardships and due to these circumstances, most school-age children do daily chores to help their parents such as cooking, babysitting when their parents work. They also make a living by working as hired workers. In the 2021-2022 school year, the COVID-19 pandemic caused schools to be closed, students had to study online at home. But restriction of ability to use technology made study online more difficult. Dong Nai Cooperative decided to give more valuable rewards to students with good performance, as a motivation and encouragement for their further improvements, at the closing ceremony of the school year 2021-2022.
Directly impacting farmers
Educative seminar on organic composting
A series of educative seminars was conducted by Target Agriculture staff members for the rural farmers which focused on the ways and means in which they could effectively create high yield compost through organic methods.
Improving our communities
Introduction of Plastic Reduction projects
A pioneering effort to reduce plastic use and subsequent wastage was initiated by Target Agriculture among the farming communities in South and Central Vietnam, thereby educating communities on the importance of plastic reduction in everyday life.
Building relationships with our communities
Gifts for poor households on Tet Holiday
Tet holiday is one of the most important days in Vietnam. However, Tet is also a burden for underprivileged families because of the considerable increase in the prices of foodstuff and other goods. Understanding that the families would look forward to celebrating after two years of Covid, An Vien Cooperative donated Tet gifts that included care packages with essential goods for the holiday. Similarly, in Dong Nai commune where families were facing many economic difficulties, Dong Nai Cooperative decided to give gifts to underprivileged families in the commune. helping their members and poor households in the commune overcome some of the economic difficulties they faced.
Facilitating Farmers
Donating Bicycles to Farm Families
Target Agriculture could donate bicycles with the assistance of Fair-Trade funds to rural farm families and their kids who learn in secondary school.

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