Sustainability initiatives that build communities

From our inception over 28 years of rich history, we at Target Agriculture have consistently focused on our core value of building a sustainable world. This focus has led to us developing innovative organic and sustainable agricultural methods that we have successfully pioneered and introduced to rural farmers across Asia.

Our vision of sustainability encompasses the supply of sustainable food product to our valuable customers while benefitting the farmers, their communities, and the environment in and around them, leading to ongoing sustainability initiatives that bring bigger benefits to farming communities through Fair Trade projects, constant innovations in organic and sustainable agriculture methods that are passed on through educational programs, and direct involvement by our staff in monitoring and assisting farmers to successfully implement these methods.

These sustainability initiatives have also been recognised by globally recognised regulatory bodies and resulted in obtaining many certifications for our ongoing operations across Asia.

Empowering communities
Nursery and Preschool opening
Buttala, Sri Lanka
Target Agriculture was instrumental in setting up a pre-school and Kindergarten in the Buttala area on the request of the farming community. This was established with the goal of providing the farmers’ families with quality pre-school education, which was a pressing need in this rural area.
Empowering the future
Computer training and English learning centre
Karambe, Sri Lanka
A modern computer and English language learning centre was established in the Karambe area to benefit many farmer families living in the immediate vicinity. With a lack of proper educational facilities and students being forced to travel over 60 km to access basic education, this has been a vital step in empowering the future generation.
Dong Nai commune still faces economic hardships and due to these circumstances, most school-age children do daily chores to help their parents such as cooking, babysitting when their parents work. They also make a living by working as hired workers. In the 2021-2022 school year, the COVID-19 pandemic caused schools to be closed, students had to study online at home. But restriction of ability to use technology made study online more difficult. Dong Nai Cooperative decided to give more valuable rewards to students with good performance, as a motivation and encouragement for their further improvements, at the closing ceremony of the school year 2021-2022.
Directly impacting farmers
Educative seminar on organic composting
A series of educative seminars was conducted by Target Agriculture staff members for the rural farmers which focused on the ways and means in which they could effectively create high yield compost through organic methods.
Improving our communities
Introduction of Plastic Reduction projects
A pioneering effort to reduce plastic use and subsequent wastage was initiated by Target Agriculture among the farming communities in South and Central Vietnam, thereby educating communities on the importance of plastic reduction in everyday life.