Sustainability initiatives that build communities

From our inception over 28 years of rich history, we at Target Agriculture have consistently focused on our core value of building a sustainable world. This focus has led to us developing innovative organic and sustainable agricultural methods that we have successfully pioneered and introduced to rural farmers across Asia.

Our vision of sustainability encompasses the supply of sustainable food product to our valuable customers while benefitting the farmers, their communities, and the environment in and around them, leading to ongoing sustainability initiatives that bring bigger benefits to farming communities through Fair Trade projects, constant innovations in organic and sustainable agriculture methods that are passed on through educational programs, and direct involvement by our staff in monitoring and assisting farmers to successfully implement these methods.

These sustainability initiatives have also been recognised by globally recognised regulatory bodies and resulted in obtaining many certifications for our ongoing operations across Asia.

Building relationships with our communities
Gifts for poor households on Tet Holiday
Tet holiday is one of the most important days in Vietnam. However, Tet is also a burden for underprivileged families because of the considerable increase in the prices of foodstuff and other goods. Understanding that the families would look forward to celebrating after two years of Covid, An Vien Cooperative donated Tet gifts that included care packages with essential goods for the holiday. Similarly, in Dong Nai commune where families were facing many economic difficulties, Dong Nai Cooperative decided to give gifts to underprivileged families in the commune. helping their members and poor households in the commune overcome some of the economic difficulties they faced.
Facilitating Farmers
Donating Bicycles to Farm Families
Target Agriculture could donate bicycles with the assistance of Fair-Trade funds to rural farm families and their kids who learn in secondary school.
Empowering Students
Education Enhancement
Scholarship for students in Xuan Tho village, Xuan Loc district, Dong Nai province, Vietnam.
Early Child Education
Shaping Lives for the Future.
Build a new kindergarten for the kids in Doan Ket village Bu Dang District, Village.
Sustainability and Green Concept
Biogas Project
As a sustainable initiative, Target Agriculture Vietnam initiated new greenhouse gas reduction project in Dong Nai Village Vietnam.